Valentine's day is upon us yet again! Whilst is feels like we have only just recovered from the crazy Christmas period, it’s time to get back in those kitchens and show our loved ones how special they are.

Nothing quite says LOVE like baked goods! So just in case you haven’t fully recovered yet and the thought of baking another cake or cookie is a bit daunting, here is a list of some product that will not only make your Valentines Day cooking a breeze, but also bring that extra special touch to your treats.

1. Cupcake Topper Charms Locket and Rose

No Valentine’s day is complete without cupcakes and you can’t go past a bit of glitter acrylic to make your cupcakes sparkle and create an eye-catching delight for that loved one. This particular cupcake charm set features a key and heart shaped locket and a rose which is sure to please this Valentine’s Day.

acrylic valentine's day cupcake toppers

If this isn’t your style, there are a range of Valentine’s Day cupcake topper charms to choose from including small “I Love you” charms and a range of tiny heart charms, all of which you can find here.

The best part of using cupcake toppers is they turn a simple piped swirl into a work of art without much fuss, helping you to still create something stunning whilst easing you back into the kitchen grind. Pair these with some stunning sprinkles and your Valentine’s day cupcakes will be ready to say “I love you” in next to no time.

2. Cookie Stamps

Whether you are baking orders this Valentine’s Day or just want to whip up a quick batch of cookies yourself, cookie stamp and cutters are your best friend. There are many new cookie stamps and cutters to choose from but the ‘I love you Beary much’ cookie stamp and cutter is a personal favourite.

cute bear cookie stamp

Use it with your favourite fondant to create Valentines Day cookies that you can decorate your own way to show how much you care. Combine with Sweet Sticks edible paints or lustre dusts to really get creative or you can use edible pens to outline your designs.

3. Sprinkles Mix ‘Fairy of Love’

Did someone say tiny love heart sprinkles? This mix sure did and nothing says Valentine’s day like a splattering of tiny red and pink glitter hearts. The best part about sprinkles is they can be used on anything, cupcakes, cookies and cakes!

red sprinkle mix

For a really simple and easy treat you can use sprinkles to make chocolate bark. Simple melt down your favourite chocolate and pour into a non-stick cookie tray, then whilst the chocolate is still melted, scatter sprinkles all over the top of the chocolate. You can also add any dried fruit you like. Then place it in the fridge and once hard take out and break it up into pieces and package in cookie bags with a bit of ribbon.

Such an easy thing to do and you can even get the kids involved with making it for Valentine's Day.

4. Cupcake Edible Icing Image

The next best thing to a cupcake topper charm is cupcake edible icing image.

Not only is there a great range of standard Valentines Day cupcake topper edible images, but you can also get custom images created!

To use your Valentine’s Day cupcake edible icing image, it is best to place them on your cupcakes that have a layer of flat buttercream or ganache on them.

edible icing images

The easiest way to do this, is to simply pipe a small amount of buttercream on to the top of the cupcake and then place buttercream side down onto a piece of baking paper that is on a baking tray. Press down slightly so that the buttercream pushes out to the edges and then place in the fridge until firm. You can then peel the layer of baking paper off the cupcake to reveal the flat buttercream surface to then place your Valentine’s day cupcake edible icing image on top.

5. Simple Love Hearts Silicone Mould

You don’t want Valentine's Day cupcakes, you don’t want cookies and you certainly don’t want to make a cake. But what about chocolate! I think we can all agree that chocolate is a staple on Valentine's Day.

But who wants just plain Cadbury chocolate blocks when you can make something more thoughtful without much fuss.

heart silicone mould

This simple love hearts silicone mould can be used with your favourite chocolate melted down to create your own little Valentines day love heart chocolates! Simply pour in the chocolate in the silicone mould and refrigerate.

Once hard pop them out and decorate however you like! Maybe you want to combine them with some sprinkles or drizzle a little bit of coloured or white chocolate over the top!

For a super fancy touch, you can use some Sweet Sticks gold or pink lustre dust to dust the chocolates and create some really show stopping Valentine’s Day chocolates.

Whether you are making cupcakes, cookies or even chocolates this Valentine’s day, these products have you covered.

Happy baking and have a great Valentine’s day everyone.