Acrylic ganache lids, also known as acrylic cake guides, are starting to pop up everywhere and there’s a very good reason why.

They can give your cakes a wow factor and unique shape with minimal fuss and effort. Not only that, but there are multiple ways to use your acrylic ganache lids so that you are getting the best value for your money.

1. The Upright Cake

Upright cakes are the latest craze in baking world. You’ll see the upright cakes everywhere and this is what the ganache lids were originally designed for.

Instead of having a square or round cake you can easily turn your whole cake into a butterfly, double arch or even a pumpkin! The best part is the acrylic ganache lids are very easy to use, easy to clean and save you a heap of time trying to carve the shape yourself.

Simply cut out your cake using the ganache lids as a template and you can start the process by stacking your cake layers flat. Helpful hint- cut your cake layers slightly smaller than your ganache lids so you have room to put a nice layer of buttercream around the edges.

How to use Ganache lids

Firstly, cover your acrylic ganache lids in a single smooth layer of cling wrap to which you will then add your even layer of buttercream or ganache. Then start stacking your cake layers and fillings on top. Finish with another acrylic ganache lid covered in buttercream or ganache and gentle push down to secure.

How to use upright acrylic ganache lids

Then it’s as simple as using your piping bag with your filling to fill in around all the edges of the cake to bring it level with the acrylic ganache lid and smooth down with a cake scraper following the acrylic ganache lids edge as a guide.

How to use upright acrylic ganache lids
How to use upright acrylic ganache lids

You will then want to chill your cake until completely firm before placing the cake upright and removing the acrylic ganache lids with a scalpel.

How to use Ganache lids

If needed, you can smooth out your buttercream a little more and begin to decorate!

How to use upright acrylic ganache lids


2.The Layer Cake

You’ve been seeing layer number and letter cakes around for a while using cake templates, but you can also use your acrylic ganache lids to create unique horizontal layer cakes as well.

How to use upright ganache lids

In much the same way as you do a number or letter cake, you use the acrylic ganache lids to cut the cake sheets and then stack!

How to use upright acrylic ganache lids

Finish the top of your layer cake with buttercream, ganache, chocolate or even dried fruits or edible flowers.

How to use upright acrylic ganache lids

You can find a range of pretty and yummy toppers on our website to help you decorate your cakes easily and make them look incredible and creative.

Check out the reel by @Sugarbear_cupcakes on Instagram for an example of her snowman layer cake using our snowman acrylic ganache lids as a cake guide and our glitter cake balls and acrylic snowflakes as decorations.

 3. The Layer Cookie Cake

Why limit yourself to just cake! The ganache lids can easily be used to cut out shapes from your cookie dough to create large cookies that you layer with buttercream, ganache, fruit or chocolate and make a unique cookie cake.

Simply use the acrylic ganache lid on top of your chilled cookie dough layer and using a sharp knife, trace around the edge of the ganache lid to cut out 3 cookie shape layers. Once cooked and cooled, place one cookie on the bottom, layer with buttercream and place another cookie on top, layer with another layer of buttercream and then top with the last cookie.

how to use upright acrylic ganache lids

You can decorate with buttercream in much the same way as the layer cake, or you can pre decorate the last cookie layer with fondant or royal icing and then place on top. 

4. The Statement Shape Cookie

Acrylic ganache lids come in a variety of sizes and if you are looking at getting some in the 5” to 7” range you will find these can also be a great size for making statement shape cookies.

How to use upright acrylic ganache lids

If you are unsure what a statement cookie is you can check out the great letter statement cookies on our brand ambassadors’ Instagram You can use the acrylic ganache lids to cut out multiple cookies and decorate with fondant or royal icing however you wish.

How to use upright acrylic ganache lids

Make multiple 5” snowmen, or 6” butterflies that are perfect as a share cookie or a statement take home cookie favour from a party or special event.

Make sure you keep an eye out on our page as we are continually adding more ganache lids to our range and don’t forget to experiment and give some of these different ways of using the acrylic ganache lids a try!

December 14, 2022 — Sirley Persidski