“Cake boxes don’t have to be boring” — Rachel, Co-Founder, OLBAA

Olbaa boxes came to alive end on 2019 and have been available in Australia market for nearly a year now. If you haven't tried them yet then you're seriously missing out!

Olbaa co-founder Rachel previously worked at Apple where she saw first hand just how important packaging was in addition to the product inside it. It's all about the unboxing when you buy your brand new Apple product, so why not making it all about unboxing for your desserts as well.

Olbaa cake cupcake cakesicle boxes cakers paradise

Olbaa as well as ourselves obsess about the total experience your customer goes through when they buy your specialised desserts. After spending hours crafting your skills to become the baker that you are today, it’s time to elevate your product even further with luxurious packaging to match.

Olbaa boxes are much sturdier than any of the other cake and dessert boxes on the market but it doesn't stop with that. Their cake boxes come in a range of colours to match the cakes being made.

Tall Cake Boxes

All of Olbaa cake boxes are 14" tall, so they are higher than your normal cake boxes which usually only go up to 12". They have also brought out brand new box which is super tall standing at 20" high. This is all to go with new cake trends where cakes are getting taller and narrower. 

Olbaa tall cake box

Olbaa tall cake box range comes in white as well as two different shades of pink, blue and black. All that look super stylish and feel extra luxurious. The base sizing ranges from tiny 6" box to all the way 12" boxes.

Olbaa cake boxes are perfect for cakes that have toppers like sails, shards or flowers, all that need that little bit extra height when boxing them.

Each box comes flat packed and with the instructions on how to assemble them.

All About Olbaa Boxes + Instructions for Assembling

Should you have lost your original instructions you can easily download them from here.

Cupcake Boxes 

In our humble opinion Olbaa cupcake boxes are even more amazing than their cake boxes are. Olbaa cupcake boxes are available in mini and standard sizes and in couple different hole combination as well. They do come only in white but their design easily compensates that.

Have you ever finished decorating your cupcakes and start placing them in the boxes only to smudge the buttercream all over yourself as well as the boxes?

Have you ever finished decorating your cupcakes only to realise that the buttercream swirl and decorations are way too high and you can't close the lid without ruining the design? 

Olbaa cupcake box

If you answered yes to either of them (and lets face it, we've all done the first one) then these Olbaa cupcake boxes are for you.

Both mini and standard cupcake boxes come with added extra height and sit close to 5" tall. This will allow extra room even when your cupcake have flowers or chocolate bark on top of them.

Now what makes them truly amazing is the 4 piece design they have. Your normal cupcake boxes come as a box and insert combo. Olbaa cupcake boxes have base, insert, walls and a lid - all separate elements.

This design allows you to decorate the cupcakes inside the box - less handling means less changes to damage them.

Olbaa mini cupcake boxes

Once you've finished the decorating you simply add the walls and lid and you're ready to go. 

Due to the sturdy design, stylish look and removable walls Olbaa cupcake boxes also double as serving trays. Once you're ready to have the dessert simply remove the lid and walls and place the tray on the table for everyone to enjoy.

Again these boxes come flat packed so some assembling is required. The instructions are in each box but you can also download them for yourself in here.

All About Olbaa Boxes + Instructions for Assembling

And you know the coolest part about these cupcake boxes....nothing to do with cupcake or baking. Due to the size and sturdiness of the boxes, once you finish the cupcakes you can use the boxes to store your shoes. They are literally the best shoe boxes ever :D

Macaron Boxes

Olbaa macaron boxes are quite different from your standard macaron boxes. Where normally you would stack the macarons one the side Olbaa boxes allow you to lay them flat. This will give you opportunity to decorate one side of the macarons and make them look from boring old macs to fabulous upgraded version of them.


Olbaa  macaron boxes

The boxes come in 3 different sizes and 2 different colours, where smaller ones are perfect for wedding favours or teachers presents.

Same as with the previous Olbaa boxes they are all made out of much thicker cardboard than normal macaron boxes giving them luxurious feel and finish.

All About Olbaa Boxes + Instructions for Assembling
All About Olbaa Boxes + Instructions for Assembling

You can download "how to assemble" file for 5 hole box from here and for 10 hole box from here.

Cakesicle Boxes

Cakesicles have been hugely popular over the past couple of years and until now you haven't been able to find a box for them.

Olbaa has really thought about everything and has brought out boxes for cakesicles as well.

They come in 2 different colours - white and blossom pink and the only downside would be that they are holding only 4 cakesicles each. 

If you're not onto cakesicle making but still love the look of these boxes, then you can use them for smaller and skinnier size cookies as well like @medovnik_cake has done here with her Christmas cookies.

Olbaa cakesicle box

Folding these cakesicle boxes can be bit tricky but with the clear instructions that you can download and little bit of practice you'll be like pro in no time.

All About Olbaa Boxes + Instructions for Assembling

Cookie Boxes

Due to the never ending popularity of cookies it's no brainer that Olbaa has brought out also boxes for cookies.

Olbaa cookie boxes come in 2 different sizes - 3 hole box will hold larger size cookies where 6 hole box is meant for smaller ones.

olbaa cookie boxes

Other that cookies these boxes are also great for brownies, donuts, geo heart chocolates and really you can use them for any kind of treats you may have available.

All of Olbaa boxes are made out of recyclable materials making them great for people who are concerned about leaving their footprint on the earth. 

The cardboard used it thick paperboard which is made out of already recycled paper and can be recycled again once you've done using the box.

All of Olbaa boxes have clear windows on them so you can easily showcase the products inside the box. The windows are made of PET (Polyethylene terephthalate). This film can be removed from the box before going to the recycling bin in case your council requires you to separate paper from plastic.

Olbaa cake cupcake cakesicle boxes

The packaging Olbaa boxes come in is recyclable as well. This includes the cardboard box it comes in and the recycled paper that we use as stuffing.

So there you are if you haven't tried these amazing boxes yet, we've given you plenty of reasons to do so now! 

February 02, 2023 — Sirley Persidski