Vizyon Ready to Use Mirror Glaze 500g - Chocolate BB:08/2024

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By Vizyon

Vizyon ready to use mirror glazes are cold glazes that can be used straight from the bottle, no need to add water to them. This means no more air bubbles and you'll get shinier and smoother finish.

Vizyon ready to use mirror glazes come in standard as well as glamour version, that has lustre dust added to it, to make it shiny and sparkle. Vizyon new mirror glazes come in 5 fantastic colours and flavours. Make mirror glazed cakes, has never been easier!

Vizyon ready to use mirror glaze is gluten free and vegan, with no animal by-products.

Size: 500g

Colour: Brown

Flavour: Chocolate

INGREDIENTS: Glucose syrup, Sugar, Water, Cocoa, Humectant (422), Thickener (440, 406), Acidity Regulator (330, 334), Preservative (202) Flavouring (Chocolate), Colourant (151).