Vizyon Fondant 250g - Green

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By Vizyon

Vizyon rolled fondant is a premium product used by professionals worldwide, you can't go past this amazing product.

Vizyon coloured fondant won't transfer to your hands, so no need to wash you hands between colours. Vizyon fondant allows extra time to cover and decorate before forming a dry skin.

Vizyon rolled fondant is humidity resistant and allows you to decorate a cold cake with almost no condensation. You can stretch Vizyon fondant around corners and avoid cracking and elephant skin look, it leaves a perfectly smooth, satiny surface. 

  • Increased Workability Time – Vizyon Rolled Fondant gives you more time to coat and add detail to your cake and decorations.
  • Humidity Resistant – Vizyon Rolled Fondant allows you to decorate a cold cake right after coating it with minimal condensation.
  • Increased Elasticity – Vizyon Rolled Fondant will stretch around the corners of your cakes with ease. Say goodbye to unsightly cracks!

    Colour: Green

     Size: 250g

    INGREDIENTS: Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Water, Modified potato starch, Vegetable margarine, Humectant (422), Thickener (466), Preservative (202), Colour (102,133), Flavouring (Vanilla).Made with no animal products. Gluten free, halal, vegan.