Vizyon Compound Dark Chocolate - 500g

By Vizyon

Vizyon Select dark chocolate compound coins are a premium chocolate product available in a 2.5kg bulk pack or 500g bags.

Vizyon Select chocolate is made thin with a good bonding structure resulting in a crisp chocolate taste.

For the chocolatier, you will find that when melted it has a good flow texture and runniness when melted down making it easy to work with.

Vizyon compound chocolate is perfect for adding colour or flavouring.

Size: 500g

Note: Please note in the summer months the chocolate may melt a little when shipped. This will not affect the chocolate and will be fine once remelted. Shipping temperature sensitive items is at the risk of the buyer and Cakers Paradise is not liable for replacement or compensation.

This product is not in the original packaging, and has been repacked by Cakers Paradise.

INGREDIENTS: Sugar, fully hydrogenated vegetable oil (palm), cocoa powder, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin E322), Flavouring (vanilla) NOTE: May contain traces of hazelnuts.