Vizyon Black Velvet Cake Mix 1kg

By Vizyon

Vizyon black velvet cake mix 1kg resealable pouch pack is perfect for home cooking and baking. Vizyon black velvet cake mix has fantastic milk chocolate flavour and vibrant, deep black colour.

Vizyon black velvet cake mix provides a genuine, natural flavour with a vivid colour, which comes from natural colourants.

Vizyon cake mixes have a high volume and fine soft texture. As such, they assist you to maintain the flavour and quality while keeping their freshness for a longer time.

In a convenient, resealable foil pouch, the cake mixture will ensure you make fantastic tasting cakes whenever you need it.

Size: 1kg resealable bag

INGREDIENTS: Sugar, wheat flour, milk powder, wheat starch, cocoa powder, emulsifiers (E475, E471, E472b, E477, E472a, E481), leavening agents (E500ii, E450i), natural colourant (carbon black), salt, flavouring (milk chocolate), thickener (E415), acidity regulator (E270).