Textured Sheet for Chocolate - Mini Hearts

$3.90 $7.90

Texture sheet for cake decorating and chocolates. Create chocolate masterpieces with minimal effort and little mess.

Simply pour your chocolate over the texture sheet and smooth out to ensure all areas are covered. Leave to set, then gently peel away the chocolate from the sheet to reveal a brilliant textured effect on your chocolate.

SIZE: 50.5cm x 24cm x 0.2cm

Care Instructions: To clean and reuse the mould, simply wash with a damp cloth in warm water, then allow to dry. We don't recommend using sponges or brushes to clean. NOT dishwasher safe. Keep the mould away from direct sunlight and do not expose to temperatures above 122°C Please note, exposure to extreme temperatures (cold or hot) may cause the mould to warp or crack.