Sprinks Gel Food Colouring 15ml - Hot Pink

By Sprinks

Sprinks now brightens your baking with their stunning new range of beautiful gel food colours, 27 amazing shades to choose from.

Sprinks food colouring is easy to use in fondant, buttercream, macarons, meringues and more. These gel food colours are super concentrated - small amount goes long way.

Colour: Hot Pink

Size: 15ml quality glass bottle.

Cakers Tip: Sprinks gel food colours are water based and not suitable for colouring chocolate straight from the bottle. To colour chocolate you need to mix the food colour with the Sprinks Oil Base to easily colour chocolate and other oil based baking products.

Cakers Tip: Mix the Sprinks gel food colour with Sprinks Paint Base to make a perfect edible paint.

INGREDIENTS: Glycerol, food colour (127, ethanol), propylene, glycol, lecithin. Sprinks gel food colours are made in Australia and are allergen free.