Roberts Edible Craft Flavoured Food Colouring 30ml - Butterscotch

By Roberts

Roberts Edible Craft flavoured food colourings, are a unique product. They are two uses in one, flavour and colour in one easy step, so no need to add extra food dyes anymore. Roberts Confectionery flavoured food colours can be used in numerous cooking applications, including tinting and flavouring your cake batter, butter frosting, ready to roll fondant icing, milkshakes, biscuits, slices and more. Use these great flavoured food colourings approx. 1 tbsp per 1kg of product (taste and adjust if needed).

Roberts Edible Craft flavoured food colourings are suitable for halal and kosher dietary requirements as well as for vegan (contains Palm Oil Derivative) & vegetarian dietary requirements.

Size: 30ml

Cakers tip: Since Roberts flavoured food colouring is water based, avoid adding it to oil based products like chocolate and ganache.

INGREDIENTS: Flavour, Colour (155, 102, 122, 133)