Petite Ingredient - Dried Organic Edible Viola 3g

By Petite

Petite Ingredient dried edible flowers are ideal for all your culinary creations, as well as soap and resign work.

Petite Ingredient's dried edible viola petals are super vibrant and colourful, making them perfect edible decorations for both sweet and savoury dishes. These are stunning whole viola flowers, perfect for decorating cakes.

Petite Ingredient dried flowers have long shelf life and have been grown in Vic Yarra Valley.

Amount: 3g

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight

Important note: Due to the very fragile nature of this product, please handle whole flowers with care.  Gently tap the jar to release flowers from the jar (don't use fingers).  All whole flowers are packed into the jar in pristine condition but some break down of whole heads may occur from movement/transport.

INGREDIENTS: Organic viola flowers.