Olbaa Mini Cupcake Box with Window 12 Holes White - 10 Pack

By Olbaa

Once you've used cupcake boxes from Olbaa you won't be using any other cupcake boxes.

Olbaa cupcake boxes come in 3 separate pieces. You'll have the bottom, sides and the top. Due to that there won't be any smudges on your cupcakes when you try to fit it in the box. Also no need to decorate your cupcakes in the box for the same reason.

All the cupcake boxes come with nice large viewing window and are made out of super sturdy cardboard. You will see and feel the difference immediately.

Olbaa cupcake boxes come in 2 different colours, so you can match them with your cupcakes.

Size: 12 mini hole box 27cm x 18cm x 12cm (cupcake height from tray - 10cm), 38mm cupcake hole.

Colour: White box with clear window

Cakers Tip: Have you seen Olbaa's other speciality bakery boxes? All of them are just as amazing as these cake boxes.