Moreish Cakes Reusable Baking Sheet Liner - Various Sizes

By Moreish

You all asked for it, so Monica from Moreish Cakes created them!

Your favourite liners are now in cookie sheets in the more popular tray sizes.

Each pack as 2 sheets in it - why? For a few reasons!

Firstly, no more having to use parchment paper or cling wrap to roll out cookie dough, or any dough for that matter, meaning no more creases, wastage, sticking etc. We even baked macarons successfully with the More Liners. 

Secondly, the sheet you roll out on you can bake on!

And 2 sheets gives you more bang for your buck!

More Cookie Liners are created from unique reusable fabric, no need to spray them or flour them.

Size: 33cm x 24cm, 40cm x 30cm

Care instructions: Easy wash with a soapy hand wash or do what we do and throw them into your dishwasher for a thorough deep clean.