Moreish Cakes 'More Pointy' Double Ended Precision Tool

By Moreish

Food Grade stainless steel double sided precision tool, with screw on safety lids from Moreish Cakes. Double headed, one side for precision work, second side for modelling and carving in ganache, buttercream, fondant and more.

This 'More Pointy' tool from Moreish Cakes is perfect for creating on eyes on modelling faces, position sprinkles, working with wafer, scribe bubbles out of royal icing, clean up errors and edge and much much more.

Cleaning: Warm hand wash only. Do not use dishwasher or use abrasive cleaners, high alcohol or scourers as it will remove the logo. Do not drop to avoid damaging the sharp point.

Safety tip: More Pointy precision tool is recommended to have the lid on for safety reason when not in use - not for children.