Moreish Cakes "More Liners" Reusable Cake Tin Liner - 7"

By Moreish

"More Liners" from Moreish Cakes are amazing new reusable cake tin liners that will save you money and time and the turtles!

Stop using and cutting baking paper for your cake tins, forget the messy flouring and buttering the cake tins these new cake tin liners are here to stay.

More Liners come in 2 pieces - round base circle to match your cake tin and long strip for the sides of the cake pan, leaving over 2" overlap so your cake batter won't sweep between the liner and the pan.

Size: 7" circle and strip to cover 7" round cake tin.

Usage instructions: Place the circle at the bottom of your cake tin and the long strap around the inside of your cake tin. If the strap doesn't sit perfectly around the cake tin, spray some vegetable oil to the pan and place the liner in the cake tin after that.

Cakers tip: Check out the whole range of "More Liners" to suit all your cake tins. Pair it with "More Wraps" for ultimate baking experience.