Moreish Cakes 'More Curl' Wafer Paper Curling Moisturiser

By Moreish

'More Curl' from Moreish Cakes is a wafer paper curler moisturiser. Its unique formula has been designed to organically curl wafer paper leaves and petals for super easy wafer flowers without all the work of forming each petal by hand.

How to Use 'More Moist':

  • Cut or punch out your petals, or lay out entire sheets
  • Place on a stainless steel bench or silicone mat, only a millimeter or so between each petal or as a sheet
  • Leave a distance of 15 or so centimeters and spray once or twice evenly
  • Flip, repeat.
  • Working quickly, place the petals on a drying rack and leave for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Watch them curl, change shape and bubble!
  • If you have over sprayed, the petal will become limp and stick/hang over the rails of the drying wrack, have no fear, all is not lost! Leave until 1/2 dry, and then move the petal around to help it change shape, we find flipping them over or hanging over the edge of the rack make the best petals - over time you will learn, your over sprayed petals make for the best petals!
  • Under spray or not flexible enough, easily fixed with an extra spray until its at the right consistency you want.
  • Once the petals have dried enough to handle, usually anything from 10 mins to 30 mins, construct your flower as you usually do.

What’s the difference between More Moist and More Curl?

  • 'More Moist' will soften your paper and allow you to work on oodles of projects and has a more soft looking end product. The wafer will dry however it remains supple for a longer period of time.
  • 'More Curl' will give you fabulous curls and will ultimately dry hard in the shape its created. This happens fairly quickly so is great for fast made flowers and time poor decorators.
INGREDIENTS: Ethanol, Distilled Spirit Glycerin, Citric Acid and Gum Arabic