Mesh Cake Stencil - Pearl Ribbons


Mesh cake stencils are made from a very fine food safe mesh material.

Very detailed designs can be implemented due to the fine mesh material when compared to standard plastic cake stencils. 

Mesh Stencils are more flexible and therefore easier to wrap tightly against the outer edge of a round cake. They can give an edible lace effect on the cakes but without using edible lace mats.

Size: 31.5cm x 17.5cm

Material: Fine mesh fabric

Using instructions: Place your mesh stencil onto the fondant. You can use a strip of painters tape to hold it in place or simply use your fingers to hold one side of the stencil.

Take your offset spatula, place some icing on the backside of it and push it across the stencil in one direction. Because these stencils have such fine detail, be sure to spread it on softly but firmly enough to get thru the mesh.

Immediately after, take a plastic scraper and run it across the stencil in the same direction to remove the excess icing. Lift your mesh stencil and you should have a clean design.

Cakers tip: When using the mesh stencils the royal icing coating on the fondant is very thin. This coating is so fine that the colour of the icing will often appear much lighter than the colour you see in your icing bowl.

Be sure to test it out before stencilling your patterns, and be sure to mix your colour darker than you desire in order to get the shade you are trying to achieve.