Loyal Square Cake Tin 5"x 3"

By Loyal

Loyal cake tins are great for creating your next, amazing looking centrepiece. Loyal cake pans are made in Australia and are quality products, which will give you many years of service if cared for properly. The cake can easily be decorated with buttercream, chocolate ganache or fondant. Using your favourite colours, make it to really stand out.

Material: Tin plate

Size: 5"

Cleaning: Hand wash in warm soapy water, dry thoroughly with a cloth and place in the warm oven to prevent rust.

Using instructions: Lightly crease the cake tin before pouring in the batter. Make sure not to overfill the cake pan, only fill about ¾ full, or you will risk cake overflowing to your oven.

Cakers tip: For a easy release, lightly dust the cake pan with some flour, after you’ve greased it, or line it with baking paper.