Loyal Moreish Cakes Ruffle Piping Set

By Loyal

Quality piping nozzles from Loyal are the preferred choice for cake decorators. All Loyal piping tips are seamless.

This Brand New Moreish Cakes ruffle piping set is ideal for beginner pipers.

They are so easy to use. Just hold and squeeze for the gorgeous ruffle - no wrist action needed!

Loyal piping nozzles are professional grade.

Piping nozzle 901 - finer, tighter ruffle

Piping nozzle 902 - larger and softer ruffle

Piping nozzle 903 - similar to 902 but with a twist.

Material: Stainless steel

Cleaning: Handwash and towel dry.

Cakers tip: Use with large size couplers.