Large Acrylic Cake Templates - Numbers


Want to make the super popular number cakes, but tired of hand cutting the shapes and having uneven layers? Look no further.

With our simple to use cake number templates, you will save time and energy.

These cake templates come in one size only, so please read carefully, when placing the order, to avoid the disappointment.

*Colour of the cutter may vary.

Material: High quality acrylic

Size: All the cake templates are 28cm tall

Cleaning: Gentle hand wash only, in a warm water. Not suitable for dishwasher.

Care instructions: Some cake templates may have sharp edges, therefore, not suitable for small kids. Avoid exposure to heat.

Customer Reviews

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Joanne Perea
Acrylic Templates

Acrylic Templates are good. However, when I sent a message thru chat and asked about the width to make sure I was getting the correct cake pan size, I was just told you don’t have the width measurement. I just felt there was no effort to find out the width measurement since I assume you have the templates on hand.

Thank you for your Feedback Joanne.
These templates are made to order and we don’t hold them as a stock hence the reason we weren’t able to measure one for you.

In saying that the reply you actually got from the chat was that we don’t know the exact measurements as each number is different but that it is just few cm narrower than the length is. Which was correct cause once the product was made for you it measured 28cm x 24cm.


Great product