Gingerbread House Acrylic Ganache Lid Set - 2pc


Ganache your Christmas cakes with ease using these gingerbread house shaped acrylic ganache boards.

Using an acrylic ganache lids ensures that you reduce waste, as you can reuse them time and time again. These ganache discs will help you to achieve perfect and sharp cakes each and every time.


5" - 12.5cm x 11cm

6" - 15cm x 13.5cm

7" - 17.5cm x 15.5cm

8"- 20cm x 18cm

9" - 22.5cm x 21cm

10" - 25cm x 22.5cm

Amount: Set of 2 ganache lids

Using instructions: Cover your ganache lid with glad wrap, ensuring it's smooth around the edge. Spread the ganache over the lid and cover evenly. Make sure the top & bottom boards are lining up.