Colour Mill Oil Based Food Colouring 20ml - Sky Blue


Colour Mill is new premium quality oil based food colouring made right here in Australia. Unlike conventional gel food colourings, Colour Mill oil based food colouring offers a unique blend that works well with fats & oils in your baking allowing you to achieve a rich & vibrant result.

Colour Mill food colours are great for colouring buttercream (including meringue based buttercream), Swiss meringue, chocolate, cake batter, ganache, fondant & much more. With this new amazing food colour you can do all your colouring in the kitchen.

Size: 20ml

Colour: Sky Blue

Cakers tip: Take it easy, Colour Mill food colours will develop over time, so small amount goes long way.

INGREDIENTS: Glycerol (422), Lecithin (322), Colours (171, 133). Allergen Free, Vegan, Halal Suitable, Kosher Certified