Chocolate Block Silicone Mould - Small


This mini chocolate blocks mould is perfect for making your own chocolate treats and detailed edible decorations for your next cake, cupcakes, cookies, macarons and more. 

Our silicone moulds can be used with gum paste, sugar paste, fondant, modelling paste, chocolate and more. 

*Colour of the silicone mould may vary. 

Material: High quality food grade silicone 

Size: 3.5cm x 2.5cm (size of each of the blocks) 

Cleaning: Dishwasher safe 

Using instructions: For the best details, lightly dust the silicone mould with cornflour or icing sugar. Press in small amount of sugar paste, roll gently over the silicone mould with the rolling pin and remove the excess paste with the sharp knife. 

Cakers tip: For a easy release, put the silicone mould in a freezer for about 30 seconds, or bit longer if needed. Once the gum paste has hardened up a bit, turn the mould over, and the figurine should pop out easily.

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Once again....
I have been looking for these for a while. Thank you for your prompt delivery of my items. I love them all.