Chefmaster Edible Spray Paint 42g - Silver NO EXPRESS SHIPPING


Chefmaster edible spray paints are easy to use and they add fun and vibrant colours to any creation. Chefmaster edible spray paint is not water based, therefore, it eliminates the chance of bleeding into the decorated area and it dries in less than a minute.

With a very light spray, one can will cover approximately 8 dozen cupcakes or four 9" x 13" cakes. Actual yield will vary depending on the colour intensity desired.

Chefmaster edible spray paints are halal and kosher certified as well as vegan friendly.

This item cannot be shipped by air, therefore cannot be sent by Express Post.

Colour: Silver

 Size: 42g

Using instructions: Hold the Chefmaster edible spray paint can upright and shake vigorously for about one minute to mix the paint inside. Test the nozzle and spray pattern on a paper towel before aiming the color mist toward your frosted project.

Maintain a six to the eight-inch distance from the surface of the baked goods you are decorating. First layer will usually be thin. After first layer dries, add second or even third layer for deeper results.

Cakers Tip: Be careful not to over spray, as colour may become runny.

INGREDIENTS: Alcohol, Propellants (Isobutane, Propane) Glycerine, Mica Based Pigments, Silica, Hydroxypropylcellulose, E129, E110, Vanillin