Canon Edible Ink Refill 100ml - Black


Edible ink refill bottles are a specially formulated food colouring mixture for printing onto icing sheets for Canon printers.

The colours are matched with regular inks, then modified to hold their colouring better on the icing sheets. The refill bottles allow you to refill the inks in each cartridge without having to buy new cartridges each time (for five refill cycles). All edible inks are FDA approved and Kosher. For your customer's safety, never swap our edible ink and standard ink cartridges on the same printer, as residue from the standard inks will contaminate the edible inks.

Colour: Black

Cakers tip: This edible ink refill bottle does not come with syringes.

INGREDIENTS: Water, Humectant (E422), Acidifier (E330), Preservative (E202), Colouring (E151, E122, E104, E133, E110)