Acrylic Textured Fondant Stamp Debosser - Assorted Butterflies


Acrylic textured fondant stamp with Assorted Butterflies motif. This detailed fondant debosser can be used with fondant as well as with gum paste. This fondant embosser plate is perfect for cookie stamps, giving you highly detailed fondant.

*Colour of the acrylic may vary.

Material: 6mm clear acrylic

Size: 10cm x 10cm

Products used on sample:

Cleaning: Hand wash in cool water. Once you’ve hand washed them, allow dry properly.

Care instructions: Fondant stamps should be washed before first usage, to remove any residue from the manufacturing.

Cakers Tip: We do recommend rolling fondant little bit thicker than usual and roll it over the cookie stamp, to get the best detail.