Acrylic Popsicle - Cakesicle Sticks - Halloween Pumpkin 8pc


Forget the boring wooden ice cream sticks. These layered acrylic reusable cakesicle, popsicle or ice cream sticks, are perfect for your next edible creations.

Pumpkin cakesicle sticks are perfect to glam up your Halloween party treats.

We have also large range of other colours of ice cream sticks available. Something to suit every event and colour theme.

Quantity: 8pc

Size: Standard size cakesicle sticks, 12cm long

Colour: Light pink cakesicle sticks, black pumpkins

Cakers tip: Please note that these cakesicle sticks are laser cut at a very high temperature and may have some residual laser dust and/or a strong smell. Items coming in contact with food/beverages should be hand rinsed in warm soapy water and allowed to air dry before use.