Russian Instant Flower Piping Nozzle Set - 7 Piece


Russian piping tips have taken the buttercream flower world by storm, and for good reason.

These new all-in-one piping tips allow you to easily pipe simple flowers complete with detailed centers and delicate petals. Russian flower piping nozzle set is great for piping tulips, roses and other flowers. You can simply achieve amazing looking flowers with different tips. Perfect for decorating cupcakes, cookies and cakes.

Traditional buttercream flowers require a high level of skill and can take years to perfect, but Russian piping tips make the buttercream blooms much easier to achieve. You can pipe flowers directly onto a cake or cupcakes, but if you want to make your flowers in advance, pipe them onto small pieces of parchment paper. Store them in the freezer until you’re ready to decorate.

Material: Stainless Steel

Cleaning: Dishwasher safe

Using instructions: Wash russian piping tip in warm water before use. Prepare piping bag by cutting the end so that 1-2mm of the nozzle can pop out the bottom. Insert nozzle into the piping bag and fill the bag with room temperature buttercream that is not too soft or firm. Squeeze gently to create a base for the flower and then pull away by 1-2cm to form your flower.

Cakers tip: Buttercream should not be too soft, or a bud will collapse, if too firm, it won't squeeze out properly. Clean the end of the nozzle before making another flower.