Get ready for our next instalment of "Meet the Brand"! We are thrilled to shine the spotlight on PICNARTSugar this time around.

Who is PICNARTSugar?

Picnart is one of the leading sprinkle companies in Australia owned by Irush, a proud mother of two beautiful boys. Irush is a dedicated multitasker who knows the art of balancing work from home and running errands, just like any other mom.

As a new mother, she discovered her passion for cake decorating by handcrafting fondant figures for her little ones' birthdays. This led her to explore new opportunities for working from home and turning a hobby into a business.

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PICNARTsugar was launched in 2017. It all started with Etsy shop that initially offered custom fondant toppers for cakes. Irush soon discovered though that there was a gap in a market for a good quality sprinkles so fair enough she expanded the product range to include a variety of deluxe sprinkles that you won't find in your average store.

Lately Irush has also started adding some extra accessories to their ever growing range.

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Sprinkle spoons and sprinkle dishes are just couple to mention, because don't we all need pretty accessories for our Insta photos.

Picnartsugar cakers paradise

Picnart has a small but dedicated team of workers. Irush and her partner, Asiri, are the power duo behind the scenes, putting in endless hours to make sure everything in their business runs like a well-oiled machine.

When things get super busy like during the holiday seasons - Christmas, Easter, you name it - they've got a crew of talented and dependable staff who jump in to help with the sprinkle mixing and packing as well as packing customers orders. It's all hands on deck to make sure everything runs smoothly!

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Irush has also included a rockstar social media specialist on their team who handles their Instagram presence, making sure they stay connected with their awesome community and show off their amazing products.

At the same time, Irush personally monitors all of our social media channels to ensure that clients receive firsthand customer service directly from. Something that we love about small businesses!

Thanks to their excellent social media presence Picnart has managed to engage some of the biggest names in baking and cake decorating industry. They have a great range of brand ambassadors from Mimi (better known as @littlecookieco) to Zoe from and Tash from @cookiesbytash.

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Cookies made by

At the same time they have also started doing collaboration sprinkle mixes with some of the well know names. One of them being the Queen herself- Cas from @cascakery.

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Irush and Asiri handle all of this from their cosy family home until they hit that point of growth where they're ready to spread their wings and move into a commercial space to take their sprinkle kingdom to new heights. It's all about starting from humble beginnings and building their way up!

About the Sprinkles

All of PICNARTsugar sprinkle mixes are carefully designed and packed here in Australia. That's what gives their products that one-of-a-kind flair you won't find anywhere else. They know that everyone has different taste, which is why Picnart has a diverse range of options, something special for every sprinkle lover out there and for every occasion.

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While their main focus revolves around designing and manufacturing custom colours with their suppliers, there are those rare moments when they have to roll up their sleeves and hand colour the sprinkles themselves. This usually happens in urgent situations when they need to whip up a blend with a specific colour, and time is of the essence.

When it comes to sourcing their sprinkles, Picnart casts a wide net by gathering them from various corners of the globe. They import sprinkles from UK, China, Greece, Italy, Germany, and the USA.

But at the same time use also Australian suppliers to add extra colours and textures to their sprinkle mixes.

It's a worldwide sprinkle adventure, ensuring a diverse range of options to add that extra sprinkle magic to your baking delights!

Are Picnart Sprinkles Vegan and Gluten Free?

At Picnart they understand the importance of catering to different dietary preferences and requirements. That's why they offer a diverse range of sprinkle options that are gluten free as well as suitable for vegans.

They take great care in sourcing the products from manufacturers who prioritise quality and adhere to strict standards. Many of their suppliers are Halal and Kosher certified, ensuring that all of their customers can enjoy the sprinkles with peace of mind.

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Whether you have specific dietary needs or simply prefer sprinkles that align with your lifestyle choices, Picnart has you covered without compromising on taste or quality.

Picnart currently has a whopping collection of over 300 sprinkle blends. They've got everything you can imagine - different shapes, vibrant colours, irresistible sugar blends, and even delightful choco balls. It's a sprinkle paradise where your creativity can run wild and your treats can shine like never before!

Cakers Paradise is part of that sprinkle paradise and stocks over 40 different sprinkle mixes and sanding sugar toppings from Picnart. We're all about staying on top of the game and making sure we've got the absolute best selection around.

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And hey, we don't stop at the basics either! We've got those limited edition goodies too, just in time for all the different holidays. Trust us, when it comes to sprinkle paradise, we've got you covered!

If you're craving some Picnart sprinkles, you can easily get your hands on them at Cakers Paradise. No matter where you are in the world, we've got your back! Just place your order, and we'll make sure those sprinkles find their way to you, no matter how distant your location may be. So go ahead, sprinkle lovers, we're here to satisfy your cravings, wherever you may roam!

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Whether you're a seasoned baker or just starting out, Picnart delightful range of premium sprinkles and toppings will add that perfect finishing touch to elevate your treats to the next level. Indulge your sweet tooth and join Picnart sprinkle filled journey.

May 31, 2023 — Sirley Persidski