Easter is just around the corner, and what a better way to celebrate it, than with tons of chocolate. But if you want to have something bit more special, then your usual supermarket Easter eggs, then we have a treat ready for you. 

On this blog post, we will show you, how to make your own jumbo chocolate Easter eggs, that you can fill with lollies, cookies, macarons, or really anything small and sweet. Perfect treat for your kids to find, on their next big Easter egg hunt.

Items You Need to Make Jumbo Chocolate Easter Egg

It’s always nice to be prepared, so make sure yorted, you don’t hu have all the items you need for this project ready, so once you’ve staave to stop, to go and find any of the tools or items you might need.

Process of Making the Chocolate Easter Egg

Start with melting half of the chocolate. We are using Callebaut milk chocolate buttons, because they are super delicious to eat and melt nice and thin, so it’s easy to use. The choice is yours when it comes to choosing the chocolate, but try to avoid cheaper compound ones. Since chocolate is a hero in this recipe, you want to make sure you get a good quality one, that would be amazing to eat.

When it comes to melting the chocolate, there are couple of ways of doing it. The chocolatiers would tell you, that there is only one correct way of doing it, and it is using the double boiler method. Well ain’t nobody got time for this, and we are using microwave to melt our chocolate.

Place the chocolate in a microwave safe dry bowl and put it in a microwave for 30 seconds. Take it out and give it a good swirl. If your chocolate is still solid, place it back for further 30 seconds. Take it out, mix it and check to see if it’s all melted or if it might need some extra time. If your chocolate is still not melted, repeat the previous steps. You might want to shorten the time in microwave, to make sure you won’t overheat or burn the chocolate. If you overheat it, it will become quite thick and lumpy which is definitely not what we are looking for, as we need nice smooth and thin consistency to cover the Easter egg mould. Also make sure the bowl and spoon or spatula you’re using, are completely dry. Chocolate does not like even a small amount of moisture; it will make it seize and ruin it completely.

How to a Make Giant Chocolate Easter Egg Filled with Lollies

Once the chocolate has melted, pour it in the Easter egg mould. Slowly and continuously swirl the chocolate around, until the inside of the mould is completely covered, and the chocolate begins to set, forming an evenly layered shell. This can take fair bit of time, depending on the amount of chocolate you’re using, as well as the room temperature. If you find that the chocolate isn’t setting fast enough, you can place the egg moulds in the fridge for couple of minutes. Take it out and give it another swirl around the mould, to make sure that the chocolate will set evenly. Do not place it in the fridge and forget it in there, as all the chocolate will set on the bottom that way. If you’re happy with the thickness of the shell, but you think that there is still fair bit of soft chocolate left, that needs setting and swirling, you can pour the excess chocolate out of the mould.

How to a Make Giant Chocolate Easter Egg Filled with Lollies

Using spatula, scrape off any excess chocolate outside the mould, making sure you have nice even and clean edges. Place the Easter egg mould back in the fridge and let it set completely. While you’re waiting the shell to set, repeat the above steps with the second half of the chocolate, and the other half of the mould. Place both of the Easter egg chocolate moulds in the fridge and let them set. This can take couple of hours, depending on the thickness of the chocolate. Once the chocolate has set, take the moulds out of the fridge. Try to carefully pull one side of the mould off the chocolate. If the chocolate has set properly, it should release immediately, and you can pop the whole shell out. If the chocolate doesn’t release from the mould, it means that more than likely it’s not completely set yet, so place it back in the fridge, until the chocolate pulls off the mould. 

How to a Make Giant Chocolate Easter Egg Filled with Lollies

Now comes the fun part. Filling and decorating your chocolate Easter egg. You can use anything and everything that you fancy and can fit inside the chocolate shell. We are using variety of smaller size chocolate Easter eggs, to fill the large chocolate shell, as well as some cute coloured edible sprinkles.

chocolate easter egg ferrero easter eggs edible sprinkle mix

Place your choice of filling inside one half of the Easter egg shell. Rub the flat edge of the other half of the Easter egg shell on a warm tray or frying pan lined with baking paper. This will melt the chocolate just enough, forming a glue to stick the two halves of the chocolate shells together. Carefully place it on top of the filled shell and gently press together.

Decorating the chocolate Easter egg is again, very much matter or personal preference. You can smear some melted chocolate on top of the Easter egg and sprinkle it with your favoured edible sprinkle mix. We decided to create this cute ribbon and bow out of fondant. We used our Vizyon white fondant for it, which is super easy to work with, and perfect for moulding. The bow mould is also from our own stock, and you can find it in here. It’s a nice big size mould and has lovely pattern on it, giving the bow just a little bit extra special look. Once the bow was set in the mould, we flipped it out. If you are struggling to get the fondant out of the mould, place it in the freezer for about 30 seconds, so the fondant is just hardened up a bit, and it should come out with no problems.

chocolate easter egg bow mould faye cahill sorbet lustre dust

We also wanted to give the ribbon and bow little bit more luxurious and shinier look, so we used Faye Cahill’s Sorbet lustre dust, and dusted the fondant with it. Once you’ve dusted and coloured the fondant ribbon and bow, paint small amount of edible glue on the Easter egg shell, and place the ribbon on the shell. Now brush small amount of edible glue in the middle of the ribbon, and place the fondant bow on top of it.

And you’ve done it! You’ve made your own, very special chocolate Easter egg, that you can be so proud of. It will definitely surprise the person you made it for and they will remember it for a long time.

March 03, 2020 — CakersParadise