Silicone Moulds

Moulds are efficient and fast way to decorate cakes, cookies, cupcakes and other edible creations. Even the beginners can create professional looking cakes, using moulds to make the decorations. Two main types of moulds are silicone moulds and plastic moulds. Silicone moulds are great to use with fondant or gumpaste, where plastic moulds are better for chocolate work.

Silicone moulds are flexible, highly detailed and allow gumpaste to be easily released from the moulds. Depending on the depth of the silicone mould, they could be used with fondant and gumpaste as well as melted chocolate. There is endless amount of silicone moulds available, something for every occasion and style of the cake.

Border Silicone Moulds

Silicone border moulds are designed to give a three-dimensional professional looking border on your cake. There are many different designs available from pearls and beads to ropes and flowers. Using silicone border moulds can be sometimes bit tricky, cause the gumpaste may not want to release as easily. Placing the filled moulds in a freezer for 20-30 seconds can help with this problem. You can also dust the silicone moulds with icing sugar or cornflour for a better release.

ropes and borders silicone mould cakers paradise


Filigree Silicone Moulds

Filigree moulds are very popular for wedding cakes. They come in huge variety of shapes and sizes. Filigree silicone moulds are highly detailed and will give any cake a very elegant and luxurious feeling. Filigree moulds can also be used on some cases to create border around the bottom of the cake. Filigree accents are often painted gold or silver to give your cake or cupcakes more luxurious and festive feeling.

Nature Themed Silicone Moulds

It’s never been easier to make any nature themed cakes than it is now. The amount of moulds out there is endless. From flowers and leaves to animals and birds. Some nature theme moulds will give you very realistic looking decorations, where the others look more like cartoon characters. Nature themed silicone moulds can be highly detailed, and require many different colours of details. There are two easy ways to achieve that. You can use tiny amounts of coloured fondant or gum paste and add each piece individually in the silicone mould. Or you can use plain white fondant and once the decorations are ready and dried, you can colour them to the desired colours.


tropical leaves silicone mould cakers paradise


Letters and Numbers Silicone Moulds

Writing on a cake can make or break it. Messy and uneven writing will ruin your creation, even when it’s otherwise decorated amazingly. Silicone moulds can be a great help in here. There are dozens of different fonts and sizes available. Some will suit most of the styles of cakes; others are more specific for Minecraft cake or Disney themed celebrations. Fondant letters and numbers can be placed on the actual cake as well as, on the cake board around it, if there’s not enough space on the cake. Larger size numbers or letters can also be used as cake toppers.

Silicone Cake Moulds

Silicone cake moulds are different from your usual silicone decorating moulds. They are bigger in size and meant for actual cakes and desserts. Silicone cake moulds can also be called mousse moulds, entremet moulds and mirror glaze cake moulds. As these names suggest silicone cake moulds are often used not for baking but for making different layered frozen or mousse desserts that are then covered with mirror glaze. Silicone cake moulds can take temperature from -50C - +220C, making them very versatile. Silicone cake moulds come in large variety of shapes from modern looking shapes to Christmas pudding and bundt moulds. Cake moulds also come in multiple sizes, from mini ones to full sizes cakes. Silicone cake moulds are very popular amongst professional chefs but are just as easy to use when you’re only a beginner.

bundt silicone mould cakers paradise

Surprisingly silicone cake moulds have more uses than just the desserts. They are also very popular amongst the candle, bath bomb and soap makers, who are always looking for new and exciting shapes for their products.

Plastic Candy Moulds

Plastic candy moulds are usually much cheaper than the silicone moulds. They come in large variety of shapes and designs and are usually used with chocolate or candy melts, but they can also be used with gum paste. Plastic moulds aren’t as widely used with gum paste and fondant, because they won’t bend as much as silicone moulds do, and releasing the decorations can be much harder than with the silicone moulds. 

easter egg plastic mould cakers paradise

Cakers tip: Spray the plastic candy moulds with spray oil for an easier release. Remove excess oil with a paper towel.

February 15, 2020 — Sirley Persidski