Christmas comes once a year, but every year it feels like it sneaks up on you. One minute its February, not a piece of tinsel in sight. Then suddenly its October and the shops are full of Christmas trees and decorations. By the time you’ve even wrapped your head around the fact Christmas is only 3 months away, you’ve got 4 weeks left and need to plan your food festivities.

So, to help ease that looming feeling of what to do for Christmas, I have compiled a list to help you put that Christmas sparkle in your baking this year.

Assorted Decorations Christmas Silicone Mould

As soon as I saw this silicone mould I imagined being out at the pool, relaxing with the family after a huge Christmas lunch of prawns and cold meats; holding an ice-cold punch with little Christmas ice cubes in it. Add a touch of food colouring and you can turn your ice cubes into a red and green novelty that even the kids will love jiggling around in their cups.

christmas decorations silicone mould cakers paradise

This silicone mould can also be used to create little Christmas chocolates for the family, super quick and easy to do and something the kids can definitely get involved with.

Add some sprinkles like the white Christmas mix, or a dusting of some Sweet Sticks lustre dusts and you have elegant gold chocolates to put out for Santa’s Christmas eve treats.

Obviously being a silicone mould, you can also use it for your fondant work and decorate your Christmas cookies as well. So many options with one mould!

Want smaller designs? Take a look at our large range of Christmas decorations silicone moulds as another option.

Cake Topper Charms 

We might be in the midst of summer for Christmas in Australia but it doesn’t mean we can’t get our white Christmas on!

acrylic snowflake christmas decorations

These cake topper charms are perfect to jazz up your Christmas dessert and really make it pop. The high-grade acrylic snowflakes can be used on your cake or even cupcakes and come in 4 magical colours of silver mirror, silver glitter, ice blue and dark blue.

Even better is that because they are made of high-grade acrylic, they are easily washed and used again for another cake theme…. I’m thinking Frozen vibes.

Cookie Stamp and Cookie Cutter - Presents

Its end of year, you’ve been running around making sure you’ve gotten gifts for everyone, even that uncle you aren’t sure is coming and then boom….

Late at night you realise, you’ve forgotten aunty Karen... BUT you have some cookie dough left over in the freezer and can whip up some quick Christmas cookies!

christmas cookie stamp cakers paradise

We have so many great designs of cookie stamps to choose from but I especially love this one because of the cute present designs.

The presents would also look great as a two tone feature and if you don't know how to achieve the two tone fondant look, ready more about it from our blog post in here

Alternatively get creative with some Sweet Sticks edible paints and turn it into a Christmas Eve activity with the kids and paint your own cookies for Santa.

Love this cookie stamp and want to see what else we offer? Check out our whole range of Christmas cookie stamps here.

Christmas Gingerbread Silicone Mould 

This silicone mould is one of my favourites!

christmas decorations silicone mould cakers paradise

It is great for decorating your cookies with those intricate designs, but also create cute little fondant charms to put on top of your cupcakes.

The silicone makes it super easy to use - just a few seconds in the freezer and your fondant figure will pop right out. You can paint them, or give a quick dusting of lustre dust and off you go!

Moreish Cakes Ruffle Piping Tips 

Dessert has been left up to you for another year in a row? Don’t worry because the piping tips from Moreish Cakes have you covered.

moreish ruffle piping nozzles cakers paradise

Not only is it easy to achieve some elegant looking ruffles on your Christmas cupcakes, but pair it with the acrylic cupcake topper charms and you have the perfect treat to bring to Christmas lunch and look like a pro, all with minimal effort.

Moreish Cakes piping tips are easy to use, you don’t need to waste time trying to master the perfect swirl. Just squeeze the bag and slowly lift up as it creates beautiful ruffles.

Finish it off with a cupcake charm, sprinkles or even some dried fruit. The possibilities are really endless.

Take it up a notch and grab Moreish Cakes edible glitter pump to add that extra sparkle and you have yourself a Christmas dessert that your relatives will be jealous of.

Hopefully you are now feeling somewhat inspired for Christmas and less overwhelmed. If you still haven’t found what you are looking for, make sure you check out the Christmas range on the website or reach out in the chat section to see if our friendly staff can help you find what you are looking for.

Happy Christmas baking everyone!

November 08, 2022 — Sirley Persidski