Ever wondered how those cool, unique designs find their way onto your fondant covered cookies? 

When earlier this year Samantha from @Sweetbakesofmine came out with this amazing technique, we knew that we had to give it a go and try it out ourselves. She had created something completely new for the cookie world, when we didn’t even think it was possible to invent anything new. So huge thanks to Samantha!!

We’ve since learned that our acrylic cookie stamps (call them pop stamps or cookie debossers if you like) work really well with this new technique, and we’ve had lots of clients asking for a tutorial. 

So look no further as we have the PERFECT guide on how in a few simple steps you can create your own fondant covered cookies without all the hard work of using royal icing.

Items You Need to Make Multi Coloured Fondant Cookies

two coloured fondant cookie stamp tutorial

Now let’s take a look at one of the most important elements, the fondant!

Fondant Recommendations

Ensuring you have the best possible ingredients will make your design process as smooth as possible and your end product look and taste just as good! 

Any brand of fondant can be utilised for the design process however, we do recommend Vizyon brand. Vizyon is a fondant made in Europe but designed specifically for our hot and humid weather in Australia. It gives the perfect texture and outcome, without compromising the working quality. 

Why we love it? It simply is amazing to work with. It does not stick to your rolling pin, fingers or cookie stamps. Neither does it colour your fingers when working with darker colours.

Stocked locally at our warehouse, click here to see the full Vizyon fondant range!

Method for Two Coloured Fondant Cookies

  1. Select your fondant used for the print and roll gently over your desired cookie stamp, ensuring that the fondant is as soft and thin as possible over the print itself and that the entirety of the design is filled.
two coloured fondant cookie stamp tutorial

TIP: If your fondant needs to soften further, place it in a microwaveable plate and microwave for a maximum of ten seconds. 

TIP: If using fondant other than Vizyon, ensure you dust your cookie stamps with cornflour or icing sugar before you press the fondant in, to avoid sticking.

  • Using a cake scraper, knife or clear acrylic sheet (like we’ve done in here), gently push down and scrape the fondant towards yourself eliminating the excess fondant. Repeat this process until your scraping utensil comes away clean and have no excess fondant on it.
two coloured fondant cookie stamp tutorial
  • Flip the cookie stamp over and assess the remaining fondant, ensuring that all gaps are filled. Make adjustments were required by repeating steps one and two over the incomplete areas.
two coloured fondant cookie stamp tutorial

TIP: You won’t need to re-roll the entire cookie stamp if areas are not filled- just place a smaller portion of fondant over the area and repeat the steps.

  • Grab your second fondant (base colour) and roll it out at approximately 0.5cm in thickness. Ensure that the base fondant is thicker than the original rolled thickness of your design fondant

TIP: If your base fondant is too thin, the design may not stick! If your base fondant is too thick you’ll end up having wrong ratio of fondant per cookie.

  • Gently press the cookie stamp on the base fondant, flattening all surface areas and ensuring that the sides are well positioned and flat on the base surface. 
two coloured fondant cookie stamp tutorial

TIP: To ensure your two fondants bond together, use a rolling pin to flatten the cookie stamp on the surface. We use our hand to do it, but it is completely up to you, which you prefer.

two coloured fondant cookie stamp tutorial
  • Begin removing the cookie stamp off the fondant by starting with the sides and working your way across the whole stamp, leaving the design print on the base fondant.

TIP: Do not force the stamp off the base fondant as it could cause misconfiguration and smudging.

  • Using a cookie cutter, cut out your design to suit your baked cookie!
two coloured fondant cookie stamp tutorial

TIP: DO NOT cut out the fondant prior to the design phase as doing so could result in a complete error in the creation and uneven and unflattering cookies.

Method for Three and More Coloured Fondant Cookies

This method is very similar to everything we did previously, most of the steps are all the same. Instead of choosing 2 colours of fondant, you’d need 3 or more colours, depending on your design and how you’d like it to look.

two coloured fondant cookie stamp tutorial

Start filling the cookie stamp cavities the same way as you did before until all the desired parts of the cookie stamp are filled with fondant.

two coloured fondant cookie stamp tutorial

You might have to remove some of the fondant if it has also filled the parts of the cookie stamp that you’re planning to fill with different colour. Easiest way to remove the excess?

two coloured fondant cookie stamp tutorial

Simply grab any of the leftover fondant, and tab gently over the cookie stamp in the areas where the wrong coloured fondant is. The fondant will stick to the fondant in your hand and will remove easily from the cookie stamp.

Now you can take the second colour of fondant and pretty much simply repeat the process for the unfilled areas. Continue until all the cookie stamp pattern is filled with the fondant.

two coloured fondant cookie stamp tutorial

Repeat steps 4-6 from before and like a magic you’ll have amazing looking cookie with little to no effort.

two coloured fondant cookie stamp tutorial

Method for Marbled Fondant Cookies

You can use our cookie stamps and the same technique to create also super cool looking marbled effects. 

two coloured fondant cookie stamp tutorial

If you’re not familiar with fondant marbling, it’s even easier than using the cookie stamps as is, although it may look much more complicated. Basically all it is, is mixing multiple colours of fondant together, to create marbled look. 

Same way as you did before, start filling the cookie stamp cavities with the desired colours of fondant until all the pattern is filled with different colours.

two coloured fondant cookie stamp tutorial

Once you're happy that your pattern is nice and clean, roll out the base colour fondant for your cookie, and repeat the previous steps to attach two of the fondants to each other.

Gently start removing fondant from the cookie stamp, releasing all the sides before and letting the weight of the fondant to do the rest.

two coloured fondant cookie stamp tutorial

Choose your cookie cutter and cut out the fondant discs, to match the size and shape of your baked cookies. Again keep in mind, not to cut the circles until you're completely finished with embossing the fondant, or your circles won't come out nice and even.

two coloured fondant cookie stamp tutorial

How to Attach Fondant to Your Sugar Cookies

Using your completed fondant design, gently use your desired binding ingredient to stick the design on the baked cookie. We recommend a sugar glue or Vizyon Clear Glaze (will give nice and sweet flavour to your cookie) for the best possible outcome.

vizyon ready to use mirror glaze neutral clear 500g piping gel

You can also use simply water. When opting for the water, make sure you use only very small amount, so it won't alter the texture of the cookie nor the fondant.

Now you have successfully mastered the technique of creating your own multi coloured fondant cookies using our cookie stamps. You are ready to take your cookies to a whole new level!

Fondant cookie stamps with multi coloured fondant

Interested in to see what cookie stamp designs we have available available? Click here to see our full range of cookie stamps or contact us for your very own personalised stamp today!

June 15, 2021 — Sirley