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Magz' Lemon Curd & Vanilla Cupcakes

Cupcakes by @misstteeqsweets

These gorgeous vanilla & raspberry cupcakes topped with vanilla pudding, lemon curd, chocolate & petals by Magz (@misstteeqsweets) are not only super yummy but also easy to make.

Cupcakes | For the base, Magz has created beautiful vanilla and raspberry cupcakes, that she then has topped with vanilla pudding using the Loyal Bakeware 1B tip.

Curd | To bring her cupcake toppings to the next level, Magz has filled the swirls with lemon curd. The acidity in the curd adds a completely new flavour profile to the cupcakes, breaking up the sweetness of vanilla and making the cupcakes a more mature dessert.

Toppings | As as special treat, Magz has added chocolate, dried petals & confetti from different Australian businesses. Cakers Paradise also has equivalent products for these decorations, see the dried flowers, confetti and chocolate here.

See the video below