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Sharr's Floral Cupcakes

Floral Cupcakes @sharrsbakehouse

Create yummy cupcakes using this method by Sharr (@sharrsbakehouse) and finding the products (or their equivalents) in the Cakers Paradise shop.

Cupcakes | Sharr's favourite cupcake flavour is butter sponge with lemon curd filling.

Swirls | She only ever uses the Ermine Buttercream & she absolutely swears by it. The piping tips she used for these cute swirls were all by Loyal - 2D, 4B and 199

Toppings | For decorating, Sharr used the Petite Ingredient - Dried Organic Edible Rose Petals and sprinkles by Get Sprinkled.

Colours |
The colours Sharr used to create these stunning swirls were all by Colour Mill - Peach, Fuchsia and Dusk.

Sharr's Tip! "My best advice is to really mix the buttercream well to avoid any bubbles when piping. Start with a little bit of colour, not a lot - you can always build on colour."

See the video below