By now probably everyone in the cake and dessert industry have heard about the new food colours on the market, from Colour Mill.

Ever since the Colour Mill oil based food dyes were introduced to us, they’ve been super popular and that’s for a good reason – they are absolutely amazing! And what makes them so amazing? Well mainly the fact that you can now use one food colour for all your needs, and don’t have to have tons of different edible dyes for every job you might have in hand.

But there is much more to love about them.

What are Colour Mill Edible Food Colours?

Standard food colours are usually either gel based, liquids or dusts, where Colour Mill food colours are oil-based edible dyes. Being oil based means that you can now easily colour your buttercream, Swiss meringue and even chocolate! No more drawers full of different food colours, Colour Mill will colour all of your baked goodies now.

What Makes Colour Mill Edible Dyes Different?

Edible gel food colours are based on water, and as we all know water and oil won't mix together. So when you’re trying to colour your buttercream (specially Swiss meringue buttercream) with gel food dyes, you’re only going to achieve light shades of colour. You will colour the sugar part of the buttercream but not the butter part. And even after using the whole bottle of gel colour, you still won't be happy with what you've achieved.

When you’re trying to colour the chocolate with water-based colours, you will end up with seized and lumpy chocolate and will waste your ingredients. So before Colour Mill brought out their colours, you always had to use special colours for chocolate.

Thanks to Colour Mill unique formula of being oil-based, you can now colour also the other part of the buttercream as well as chocolate. Colouring every ingredient of your buttercream, meringue or chocolate means that the end product will have a deeper, more vibrant colour, and you don’t have to use as much food colouring to achieve it.

Being able to use much less food colour on your edible creations has also another positive side effect, the taste of your bakings won’t be as altered as it would be with standard gel colours.

Some Other Reasons Why We Love Colour Mill Colours.

Unlike some of the other food dyes on the market Colour Mill colours are free of fillers, thickeners and gums.

Colour Mill edible dyes will deepen a lot over time, so make sure you let your buttercream sit, after colouring it, for more vibrant colours. Preferable developing time would be overnight, so be organized and make your buttercream day ahead.


colour mill oil based food colouring


These 2 photos were taken 10am and 6pm on the same day. It's Swiss meringue buttercream with 3 generous drops of Colour Mill colours. Nothing was added to the second photo, it was just left to rest and develope it's true colours. And these results are pretty amazing with such a small amount of colouring and SMBC, which is otherwise pretty much impossible to colour to nice deep and vibrant colours.

Colour Mill oil based food colours can be used pretty much in anything. Besides colouring buttercream, meringue and chocolate, you can also use these amazing edible colours in cake batter, ganache, fondant and heaps more.

colour mill oil based food colouring

Colour Mill white edible dye, will give you the most amazing results when colouring chocolate. White chocolate is naturally never white. It has always this yellowish tint to it. Depending on a brand it can be more yellow than white. So far you had to use titanium white or some other powdered colouring products to get a really snow white chocolate. These powdered products, can make your chocolate graining or leave a nasty taste. Colour Mill edible food colours go through a specialised milling process, leaving you with a grain free paste perfect for colouring.

 So no more grainy buttercream or chocolate.

But I Have Still Plenty of Gel Edible Colours Left.

Not to worry, you can use all of them up as well, and actually use them for your buttercreams and chocolates too. How? Well Colour Mill has another amazing product that will allow you to do that. They’ve brought out Colour Mill Booster!

What Is Colour Mill Booster?

Colour Mill Booster is used to intensify your colour through emulsification. If you're struggling to achieve vibrant colours in your creations, add Colour Mill Booster to help emulsify and get the most from your gel colours.

colour mill oil based food colouring

When colouring the chocolate you want to mix three parts of Colour Mill Booster to one part of gel colour. Make sure you'll mix the booster with the gel colours before adding them to the chocolate, or you might risk with seizing your chocolate again.

Colour Mill Booster is designed to improve gel colours, so if you are using Colour Mill colours to dye, you do not need to use the Booster.

And not that we need any more reasons to love these great food colours, but here’s just couple more for you to consider.

Colour Mill oil based food colours are Australian made. So when buying them, you’ll support Australian family owned small business.

Colour Mill food dyes are completely allergen free as well as halal, kosher and vegan  (besides baby pink, raspberry and rose) suitable.

So if you haven’t tried these amazing oil based food colours from Colour Mill yet, we’ve now given you plenty of reasons why to do so, and test them out yourself.

September 10, 2019 — Sirley