If you haven't heard about Sucreglass Super cookie stamps and Super Shaver you are seriously missing out as these products are game changer.

Super Stamps and Super Shavers are brand new product in Australia market brought to you all the way from France. Remi from Sucreglass has invented these cool new kitchen gadgets to help all the cookie decorators to achieve the amazing multi coloured fondant look on their cookies.

Super Shaver and Super Stamps are not called this for no reason - they are simply Super Super easy to use making your cookie decorating a breeze

What is Super Shaver

Super Shaver's less impressive name could also be fondant shaver, cause that's what it essentially is. Super Shaver is designed to work with Super Stamps to shave off any of the excess fondant you have on your stamp.

Sucreglass fondant shaver super shaver

Due to the size of the Super Shaver and design of the Super Stamps, we don't recommend using the shaver with other brand stamps out there as it more than likely won't work as well or at all.

What are Super Stamps

Super Stamps are cookie stamps that will work with our without the Super Shaver. Super cookie stamps can easily be used by themselves if only single coloured traditional design is needed. For the multi or metallic coloured look you need to pair Super Stamps with Super Shaver.

How to Use Super Shaver and Super Stamps

Single Colour Stamping

With the normal single coloured stamping without the use of Super Shaver you will use the Super Stamps as you would any other cookie stamps out there. As these cookie stamps are essentially debossers, you want to make sure that your fondant isn't too thin so you have the extra thickness to fill the stamp.

Multi Colour Stamping

With the normal cookie and fondant stamping you are probably used to rolling your fondant to normal thickness 0.5cm or so. With the Sucreglass products when doing multi coloured stamping you need to train your brain to work differently.

The fondant needed for 2 coloured stamping needs to be very very thing. And when I say very thin I mean paper thin. Recommended thickness by Remi is 1mm. The thicker you leave the fondant the harder you

sucreglass fondant stamp sample

find to use the shaver and the longer you have to shave to get all the excess off.

Ideally you wouldn't need any dusting on your stamps. It's recommended dusting only if the design is very thin or if you're struggling with the transfer. If you do have to dust your cookie stamp do NOT use icing sugar and use only corn starch.

Place the rolled out piece of fondant on the Super Shaver and place the cookie stamp on the fondant. When filling the Super Stamps press down firmly, and start moving the fondant with the stamp as you would when grating. You can also make loops across the length of the shaver or rotate the stamp as you slide. Find your own shaving style ;)

sucreglass super shaver super stamps fondant stamp sample

With most of the designs you can see when you're done with the shaving and ready for the transfer. You can also feel it as the softness of fondant will be replaced with the firmness of the Super Shaver.

sucreglass super shaver super stamps fondant stamp sample

At this point you want to swipe off any excess and impurities. Without lifting the cookie stamp from the shaver, simply swipe it off over the white edges of the shaver which will catch any pieces that are not suppose to be there.

sucreglass fondant stamp sample

Roll out the base colour of fondant and press the cookie stamp gently on to it. As normal cookie stamps/pop stamps need fair bit of pressure to make them work, you may want to use the same strength in here. This is not needed at all though and you'll be surprised how easily the Super Stamps release the fondant and "glue" it to the base colour.

Simply use light pressure to make the fondant catch the base colour. You may want to gently move it back and forward to make sure all areas have been "glued", for us this has not been needed as they simply are so easy to use.

sucreglass super shaver super stamps fondant stamp sample

NOTE: To make sure your Super Shaver won't get clogged collect the shaved off fondant regularly. This fondant can be reused so don't throw it out!

Metallic Colour Stamping

Something that made us super excited was the fact that you can use metallic colours prior to stamping! This will completely eliminate the need for hand painting ever again. No more shaky hands and uneven colouring, with Super Stamps all your cookies will look out of this world amazing.

NOTE: This will not work with ready made paints! You need to make your own paint by mixing the lustre dusts with decorators rose or strawberry spirit. Do NOT mix it with vodka or any other clear spirit.

Start by rolling your fondant paper thin, same as you did with two coloured fondant stamping. Paint the rolled out fondant to your chosen colour and give it a minute or two to dry.

sucreglass super shaver super stamps fondant stamp sample

Once the alcohol has evaporated and the fondant is dry you can simply follow the steps from the two coloured stamping above to finish your design.

Super Stamp and Super Shaver FAQ

We have received so many question after the initial Instagram post so we've decided to answer most of the common ones in here.

Can You Use Other Cookie Stamps with Super Shaver?

The short answer is no you can't, for quite a few reasons. The Super Shaver and Super Stamps have been designed to work perfectly together. I did try to use some of our own cookie stamps with the shaver and this is what I found.

  • Due to the size of the Super Shaver, the size of the cookie stamps you can use is somewhat limited. If the design doesn't fit completely on the Shaver it is very hard to use it. This makes majority of the other branded cookie stamps way too big to use.
  • If you do find cookie stamp that is the right size you can give it a go and hope it will work.
  • Some of the cookie stamps may work if their design is similar to the Super Stamps. By similar design I mean similar depth of the cookie stamp.
  • We found that cookie stamps that were not as deeply engraved and had more shallow texture would work more easily than the ones with really deep impression.
  • Cookie stamps with very fine details would also not be too suitable for shaving.

So ideally really you'd want to work with the Super Stamps when using the shaver.

How do You Clean the Super Shaver?

This could not be any easier!

  • The first thing you want to try is to simply pull any excess off from the shaver.
  • If that fails tap the Super Shaver gently on the counter. This removes majority of the fondant for me!
  • Should you still have some fondant stuck in the holes, grab an extra piece of soft fondant and use that to pull the excess out.
  • If by accident you have clogged your Super Shaver and everything else fails, place it in the warm water and this will melt the fondant off. Once the fondant has melted simply wash the shaver with warm soapy water and let it dry.

Simple isn't it!

Will the Super Shaver Damage My Cookie Stamps?

No it will not. I think this question mainly raises when people haven't seen the Super Shaver in real life and expect it to look different than it does.

Different from the normal graters Super Shaver has a completely flat surface. Rubbing two pieces of flat acrylic to each other, may give them slight scratches but you won't shave any of the acrylic off and it is completely safe to use.

My Super Stamp has Only Partial Fill?

This is something that can happen when your fondant is too soft or you're working in high humidity areas.

To fix this issue you need to harden up your fondant a bit. We do not recommend using icing sugar as this can make your fondant even stickier. Instead try using little bit of corn starch and only little bit as you don't want to make it too dry.

sucreglass super shaver super stamps fondant stamp sample

Also do not add any corn star between the stamp and the fondant, rather mix the starch into the fondant.

My Super Stamp has Excess Fill?

Excess fill happens when your fondant is too dry. You can try to use some vegetable shortening like Solite and mix that into the fondant. Usually though it is too late to save the fondant and you simply need to grab a new and softer piece.

Do I Need Glue to Attach the Stamp to the Base Fondant?

No glue is needed. As long as neither of your fondants have not dried out completely you should be able to transfer the stamping to the backing fondant. You do have to work fairly fast depending on the fondant and the overall conditions you're working in, but same applies to any fondant work really.

Why Can't I Use Ready Made Paints?

I did a test run to see what products do and what won't work. Any of the lustre dusts mixed with rose or strawberry spirit worked really well. Now I also wanted to see what happens when I use some ready made paints instead of making my own.

I suppose it could work once the paint has dried. The issue I was running into though was the fact that fondant was drying faster than the paint was. You want to make sure that once you have rolled out your fondant paper thin you work as fast as you can so that it is still workable when you start shaving it off. Ready made paints unfortunately can take quite some time to dry.

I don't also recommend mixing your lustre dusts with vodka, gin or any other clear spirit. The alcohol content isn't high enough for a fast drying. So for this particular project I would definitely recommend ONLY decorators spirits that has normally +99% alcohol content making them dry pretty much instantly.

So here are my two thoughts about the Super Stamps and Super Shavers.

I do absolutely love the products - they are so easy to use and will save you heaps of time when you have large cookie orders to make. Give them a go yourself and I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

February 09, 2022 — Sirley