With the launching of our cupcake classes at Cakers Paradise, we thought it was a great time to get to know our Brand Ambassadors as some of them will be your future teachers.

Let us introduce you to Sharr Watson from Sharr's Bakehouse, Brooke Fulton from Baked by Brooke GC and Ashlie Wilson from Sugarbear Cupcakes. These 3 ladies continue to inspire you with their gorgeous creations and we can’t wait for you to get to know them a bit better.

cakers paradise brand ambassadors

Especially if you are considering coming to one of our classes which will be held by Sharr and Brooke.

Sharr Watson - @sharrsbakehouse

Born and raised Gold Coast local Sharr, started Sharr’s Bakehouse in 2020. Whilst she’s not currently taking orders due to building her house and dream commercial kitchen, you can find her teaching cupcake classes at Cakers Paradise and creating content for fun and inspiration on her social media accounts.

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So lets find out little bit more about Sharr.

When and why did you start baking?

Sharr started her baking journey around 2017 when she first made a cake for her sister in law's birthday.

"Honestly it was so random, I just wanted to make a cake and bought the worst stuff to start off with. The cake turned out awful!! But I was like I can do better than that and that just started me off."

What is your favourite thing to make?

"Definitely cupcakes! I just think that they are so pretty but also so easy to make. I love that I don’t have to stack a whole cake before I get to decorate. I love piping them so maybe it’s the piping aspect I love the most."

floral cupcakes cakers paradise

Do you have a favourite cake theme?

"Well its not really a theme but I do prefer girly cakes, anything colourful and feminine, but I do like a bit of everything. But not fondant, I hate fondant. All my cakes are buttercream cakes."

If there was one person you would love to work with for a day, who would it be?

"Monica Cavallaro! (wouldn't we all :D) I think I would have a wonderful day with her and I’d learn a lot. Plus she's so funny and lovely."

Whats your favourite creation you’ve made so far?

"There's too many to choose from and they all have special spot in my heart. My current fav would have to be the pink cupcake set I just made with the Happy Everly After co. florals and also my Easter cupcakes."

floral cupcakes cakers paradise

What are your top 5 products from Cakers Paradise?

Olbaa Boxes 

"I've been using Olbaa boxes for quite some time now and they are simply out of this world amazing. I love their range of colours as well as the amazing quality.

I'm using Olbaa cupcake boxes actually to decorate my cupcakes in. Normal cupcake boxes won't have enough space between the holes to decorate or to place the cupcakes in the box after decorating.

floral cupcakes cakers paradise

Olbaa cupcake boxes have that little bit extra space so I can place plain cupcakes in the box, do all the decorating and then simply assemble rest of the box. Oh and not to mention how they double as serving trays, so win win in every way."

Moreish Gold Flasher More Blow

"I've tried some other brand lustre pumps that are out on a market but none of them are quite the same as Moreish Blow. I love the extra glittery look as well as how much lustre dust you can get out of the bottle in single pump. Oh and did you know that they are refillable?"

Custom Acrylic Toppers

"I used to order all of my cake toppers from other brands but luckily round about the same time as I started as a brand ambassador Cakers paradise also started making acrylic cake toppers. I haven't looked back since.

floral cupcakes cakers paradise

If I can't find what I'm after in their range I'll let Sirley simply know about my cake ideas and she will work her magic. Short turnaround times, all the ideas fulfilled exactly to the T and affordable prices. What's not to love!"

Get Sprinkled Sprinkles

I've loved Get Sprinkled sprinkles and the girls behind the products ever since they started. I'm actually brand ambassador for Get Sprinkled as well and Tess and Carly are simply amazing human beings. 

get sprinkled edible sprinkles cakers paradise

As they mix all their sprinkles themselves, the products are so unique and amazing quality. So clearly I was over the moon when I heard that Cakers Paradise will start stocking their range of sprinkles."

Happy Everly After Dried Florals

"There has definitely been a gap on the market for dried floral cake toppers. Luckily the problem has been solved and we can now all enjoy Happy Everly After extensive range of dried flower arrangements and dried florals."

dried floral arrangement cakers paradise

Biggest piece of advice to someone starting out?

"Keep going, keep practicing, keep learning, just don’t stop, keep trying and keep failing and you’ll get better."

Brooke Fulton - @bakedbybrooke_gc

When Brooke moved to the Gold Coast in 2002 from Perth, baking wasn’t even on the cards. Brooke was flying high as a flight attendant and got a job in Brisbane. After meeting her husband and having their first child, Brooke stopped flying and eventually found her love of cupcakes and cakes.

cakers paradise brand ambassador

Brooke currently takes orders and you can find her information on her Instagram page @bakedbybrooke_gc.

When and why did you start baking?

"Officially March 2022 but I was probably doing it about 12 months before that. I started by doing the Woolies mudcake hacks and then it kinda progressed from there.

I started baking my own cakes when a friend asked me to make their birthday cake and I thought I should probably start to make my own. I honestly can’t say why I started doing it but I know that it was the satisfaction from the result and peoples reactions to my creations which kept me going.

I also didn’t realise how much I enjoyed it until I started it and its something that’s just for me, my own little gig. As a mum of 5, its nice to have that ownership of something and I love the thrill and challenge that it presents me."

What is your favourite thing to make?

"Same as Sharr I love baking and decorating cupcakes! Real fancy Luxe cupcakes. Definitely my favourite."

floral cupcakes cakers paradise

Do you have a favourite cake theme?

"Not particularly. My thing is always really feminine pink and gold and floral. Really like glam feminine cakes."

If there was one person you would love to work with for a day, who would it be?

"I think it’s a tie between Tigga Mac because she would be so much fun and Monica from Moreish Cakes because I love her florals and her arrangements."

Whats your favourite creation you’ve made so far?

"My current fav would probably be the Mother's Day cake I made with the lady face silhouette cake fropper. I just loved the way it came together with the orchids."

buttercream wedding cake

What are your top 5 products from Cakers Paradise?

Olbaa boxes

"Absolute favourite!" As my signature is super tall luxe cupcakes with dried florals on them, I need the cupcake boxes that allow that extra space without squishing my creations.

floral cupcakes cakers paradise

Plus Olbaa boxes are such a good quality and will give that extra luxury look to all of your cakes and cupcakes."

Moreish More Cuppies Cupcake Liners

"You need a point of difference when creating cakes and/or cupcakes. And More Cuppies are just that. They look so different from your normal boring cupcake liners and will give you that extra sass that you need to lift your cupcakes."

buttercream cupcakes cakers paradise

Moreish Gold Flasher More Blow

"Again, I have to agree with Sharr, Monica's More Blow is pretty amazing little product. It makes adding extra glitter and sparkle to your cupcakes so easy."

Happy Everly After Mini Posies

"I used to make all my floral cupcake toppers by hand and at the times it can take great amount of time. So when Happy Everly After brought out their mini posies I was over the moon. Saves me so much time!"

Custom Cupcake Toppers

"I don't use acrylic cupcake toppers too often as my signature Luxe cupcakes are already pretty full on. But if I do use them, then I love Cakers Paradise range as it is already quite extensive and if there's something that I need that I can't find, it's made in a flash. They always exceed my expectations."

buttercream cupcakes cakers paradise

Biggest piece of advice to someone starting out?

"If you're wanting to take your baking in a business type direction, my biggest advice is to know your worth. Get your pricing right, because otherwise you will burn yourself out.

I can’t remember where I heard it but it stuck with me that ‘Good cake isn’t cheap and cheap cake isn’t good’. And how true is that!"

Ashlie Wilson - @Sugarbear_Cupcakes

Currently a Sunshine Coast local, Ashlie is originally from Brisbane. What you might not know about Ashlie is she is a retired Police Officer and spent the previous 13 years serving the community.

But she traded her handcuffs in for sprinkles, glitter and all things colourful. Ashlie doesn’t take orders but you can see her creations on her Instagram page where she keeps inspiring other decorators.

When and why did you start baking?

"I started in 2019. I wanted to make my Ollie a unicorn cake for her 2nd birthday but was not prepared to pay $300 for someone to make it…little did I know it was going to cost me a whole lot more than that trying to get the supplies myself and all the failed attempts :D."

Ollie’s birthday cake was the start but I really developed the passion for cake decorating in 2021 after a car accident had me waiting for surgery and unable to be as active as I normally would have.

I started baking as a way to cope and distract myself. When I was eventually diagnosed with PTSD and anxiety, we found that my baking and the cake community was a huge therapeutic outlet for me and so the journey continued."

What is your favourite thing to make?

"I love colour, I love fun, anything colourful. Cupcakes are definitely up there, but a cake with rainbows, fairies, anything magical I just love."

easter cupcakes cakers paradise

Do you have a favourite cake theme?

"Anything colourful but I really love mermaid/under the sea theme."

If there was one person you would love to work with for a day, who would it be?

"Amaury Guichon. Because I think he’s absolutely insanely talented and I just can’t believe that his stuff is made completely from chocolate (ps. I also love you Monica :D)."

Whats your favourite creation you’ve made so far?

"Every time I make a new birthday cake for my kids, that quickly becomes the next favourite. But I am loving bento boxes at the moment because it has my love of cupcakes in them plus a little bit of cake."

buttercream bento boxes

What are your top 5 products from Cakers Paradise?

SC 15 piping tip from Loyal Bakeware

"It's such a versatile piping tip and I use it all the time on most of my cupcakes."

Moreish Silver Twinkle More Blow

"You can never have too much glitter and these glitter pumps from Moreish Cakes are just perfect for adding that little bit extra sparkle."

Bento Boxes

"Bento boxes are simply genius! I love how they fit a mini cake and just few extra cupcakes to complement the cake you've made."

Chocolate Drip

"Chocolate drip is so versatile. You can obviously use it as a drip, which it was meant for. But you may not know that you can also use them in chocolate moulds to make your own chocolate decorations.

cakesicles cakers paradise

Simply melt it down and the drip bottle makes it so easy to fill even the smallest silicone moulds. If I ever have any leftover drip I alway use it up to make some decorations that I can use on my next cake or cupcakes."


"Girl can never have too many sprinkles. Get Sprinkled, Picnart, The Sprinkle Club, you name it I love them all! Some may say I'm obsessed with sprinkles :D."

fondant covered cookie cakers paradise

Biggest piece of advice to someone starting out?

"Forget what everyone else is doing, just be you, DO YOU.

It doesn’t matter if your style is different that’s what makes you interesting. Don’t compete against anyone, just stay in your own lane and you will attract the right crowd for you."

So there you go, here are our lovely three brand ambassadors. Should you want to learn yourself how to create some magic in your kitchen, check out our classes from Brooke and Sharr and if you're lucky enough, we may still have spots available for the next upcoming class ;).

July 13, 2023 — Sirley Persidski