Moulding Fat - By CaitlinMitchell 50g


By CaitlinMitchell Moulding Fat can be used to prevent flower paste from sticking in hot/humid environments. It's also ideal, when using a pasta machine for rolling out your fondant or when using silicone moulds. ByCaitlinMitchell Moulding Fat can also be used in stenciling to help lustre's stick to the flower paste.

By CaitlinMitchell is formerly knows as Menina, still exactly the same product made with the same formula and ingredients, just with different packaging and name. By CaitlinMitchell products are all Australian made.

Quantity: 50g

Using instructions: For stencilling, rub a little fat on your rolling mat, roll out fondant to desired thickness, turn fondant fat side up, position your stencil on fondant with a rolling pin, and dust your lustre with a large brush. The moulding fat will highlight the lustre and it will not come off.

INGREDIENTS: Vegetable Fat, Food Flavour