Fondant Mini Super Shaver by Sucreglass


Fondant Mini Super Shaver by Sucreglass is revolutionary new product in the market that will help you to create two coloured fondant cookies in no time. Completely mind blown!!!!

Super Shaver is required to fill Super Stamps with fondant to create multi coloured fondant cookies.

Super Shaver may work with some other branded smaller size stamps as well, but may not give you the excellent results and can be harder to use.

*Colour of the Super Shaver may vary.

Material: High quality clear acrylic

Cleaning: Gentle handwash only, in a warm water. Not dishwasher safe.

Size: 6.5cm x 5cm (size of the shaving area)

Using instructions: 

  • Roll the fondant very thin (roughly 1mm).
  • Only dust with cornflour, don't use icing sugar.
  • Press the stamp firmly against the Super Shaver and start moving it back and forward like you would with normal shaver. Round circles, loops, zig zags are ok too, find your shaving style!
  • To make good transfer to your base fondant, press down gently with little back and forth motions.
  • For more tips and tricks scan the QR code that comes with the Super Shaver.