Vizyon Cold Glaze - Mirror Glaze - White Vanilla

By Vizyon

For glamorous cakes, coat them with Vizyon white vanilla cold glaze. This mirror glaze provides a glamourous appearance and seals the cakes for a longer shelf life. It also minimises moisture loss and offers long-lasting shine.

Vizyon white cold glaze is stable for the freeze-thaw process and is easy to apply to all kinds of cakes, muffins, and donuts as well as many other desserts and ice creams. Cold Glaze is gluten free and has no animal by-products. The difference with glamorous cold glaze is, there is no glitter in the regular cold glaze. You can add your own glitter and colours to this mirror glaze, if desired.

Colour: White Vanilla

 Size: 300g or 500g

Product is repacked to retail size by Cakers Paradise.

Using instructions: Put the required amount of cold glaze into a bowl and whip it until it gets a smooth texture to be easily applied. If the texture is still too thick, add some water and mix until you get desired texture. Place cakes or desserts on a wire tray and pour mirror glaze over your cake or desserts allowing it to flow down. Remove from tray place on a board and decorate as desired.

Cakers tip: Cold Glaze can also be used to make a drip on a drip cake. Glaze should be poured on a chilled cake for best results.

INGREDIENTS: Glucose syrup, Water, Sugar, Thickener (Pectin E440), Acidity regulator (Citric acid E330), Flavouring (Vanilla), Preservative (Potassium sorbet E202), Colourant (E171).