Bakels Macaron Mix 500g

By Bakels

Macarons can be fiddly little things to make and lot of the bakers, have love and hate relationship with them. If you haven't mastered the macarons yet, or you're just short of time, Bakels macaron mix is a perfect choice for you.

Bakels macaron mix, is super easy to use. Simply add water, and food colouring of your choice (optional only), mix, pipe, bake and you're  done!

Use our macaron baking mats to pipe perfect even macarons.

Size: 500g resealable bag

INGREDIENTS: Sugar, almond meal (30%), whipping agent (emulsifiers 427b, 477), glucose, milk solids, mineral salt (339)), egg albumen powder, maize starch, emulsifiers (472e, 481), thickener (1414), salt, vegetable gum (415), acidity regulator (330)