Dried Flower Sun Palm Leaf - Gold


These sun palm leaves are perfect natural cake toppers and will add some extra texture to your cakes.

Please note, that these are natural palm leaves that have been coloured. They may vary in size, shape and colour. There won't be any 2 that look exactly the same.

Stem lengths may vary and additional cuts may be required to suit your final design.

These palm leaf cake toppers are larger in size and are designed to suit 8" - 12" round or square cake tops.

Size: These sun palm leaf toppers will vary in sizes. Topper heads are approximately 9" x 7" (stem length not included). Some may be smaller or larger than size listed.

Quantity: 1 Sun Palm Leaf

Colour: Natural palm leaf coloured gold

Cakers Tip: Please ensure that you seal and tape your palm leaves before placing them onto any edible items. These palm leaves are not edible and must be removed before serving.